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Coca-Cola murals an old advertising tradition and part of Maysville's history

An often overlooked part of Maysville's historical past are the various advertising murals that have been painted on store building walls in town over the years.  The most prominent murals are those that were painted by the Coca-Cola Company.  Recently, these murals have received renewed interest.  Johnny Watts, Cornelia, a former Coke sign painter, recently painted a new Coca-Cola mural on the side of Strickland's BBQ.  Watts used a large poster stencil and spray-painted the outline of the mural and then filled in the color.

Audrey Crane, an avid Coke collector, and her son, Eric Merrell, of Maysville volunteered their time and energy to repaint the Coca-Cola mural on the side of the old Mayes Theater at the end of the lower row of stores in town.  Although the sign originally had "Mayes Theater" printed over the Coca-Cola logo, the suggestion was made to paint "Welcome to Maysville" since the theater has been out of operation for many years.

 If you have pictures of any other historic murals on store buildings in Maysville, please contact Todd Dorsey to get these posted on this website.